The Future Sammy Sosa in NJ

It’s incredibly cliche but after dodging a baseball that came flying through my window in a shattering display of broken glass and shrieking kids outside was something that I never expected that I would be having to do. I could only stare dumbfounded at the now broken window, the glass and the ball which had bounced off the wall and came to a rolling stop at my feet. Sipping my coffee and wondering at the absurdity of the world where cliches like this can exist, I casually tossed the ball outside and called window repair in Essex County NJ. Life is just strange, sometimes.

I tossed the ball back to the kids who had promptly done what they could to flee, hiding wherever kids are likely to hide I suppose, but in the process had left their bat lying disregarded and forgotten on the grass across the street. I like to think that it was a pretty good throw to get the ball across my lawn and over to their own where it fell with a thump and a bounce next to the bat. Hey, at 30 years old, I didn’t even think I would be able to get it across the street much less the next yard!

It goes to show that cliches exist for a reason and that even a baseball can still manage to destroy a window. Of course, those kids could have played in an area where a window wouldn’t have been a likely destination of the ball. Who knows, maybe they never expected their batter to ever hit a ball so hard. Maybe we have a future Sammy Sosa in the making right here in NJ! Hah, wouldn’t that be something? Maybe I should go back out and grab the ball so I can get the autograph of the kid who smacked it. Just in case.

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