The Anti-Consumer Practices Employed by Comcast

It has been a long time coming, ever since Verizon’s lawsuit to challenge ‘Net Neutrality’, but finally the FCC has come through for the American people. With over 4 million complaints lodged in a single day against Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner and even AT&T, the FCC has heard our cry. We’re sick and tired of the current Internet Service Providers abusing their roles as the access providers to the web, a role which directly competes against their cable television business model. We want cheap Internet that has not been edited, censored or throttled by the provider. We want an Open Internet!

The sprawling, bloated ISPs show anti-consumer propensities by overwhelmingly monopolizing urban areas and towns that desire to construct their own broadband systems as a monetary improvement framework. The organizations complain that city-run Internet administrations, which don’t need to acquire a benefit, add up to unjustifiable rivalry. It’s a frail contention, given all the schools, insurance agencies, transportation suppliers, and other private elements that figure out how to contend with administrations run by governments. In any case, telecom organizations have influenced 19 state governing bodies to piece or control metropolitan systems.

Practices such as this only show just how anti-competitive the ISPs have become. In the past, they acquired $300 billion US dollars in order to establish a national fiber network which they never completed. They have proven themselves to be of the level of thieves and yet, somehow, they are still operating. They took the government’s money, the tax payer’s money, laughed in their face and continued to reap the profits we the consumers give them every single month when we pay our bill. It’s a ridiculous system that we have been caught into and yet so little has been done. Even the FCC’s ruling is only the beginning of the fight against the ISP.

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