New Teacher Helps Us Get Fast New Hampshire Rural Internet Service

All through growing up I heard the same thing over and over again when we went into any area that had a larger population, and that included school, the store and even visiting many relatives. People would tell me that I live out in the sticks. I did not even know what that meant, but when someone asked me where I lived I started saying, “Out in the sticks.” It was never a problem for me. I had horses, fields, streams and lakes for fun. Now our children need fast New Hampshire rural Internet just to get good grades.

I got so mad at one teacher. She has never lived one minute in a rural area. She moved to New Hampshire and became a teacher. She assigned homework that required not only a computer but also broadband Internet access. We did not have it at the time. What made me mad was when our youngest daughter asked for an alternative homework assignment because of not having fast rural Internet service and the teacher told her to use the local library in the evening. Well, our “local” library is quite a few miles away. The teacher apologized after my wife and I got involved, and we are all actually friends now. Funny how those things work out.

Anyway, the teacher actually helped us with getting New Hampshire rural Internet service that is quite fast and affordable. My neighbors used, but complained, about their DSL service. We were using a cellular Internet data plan, but it was too expensive to not monitor and limit its data use. Our daughter’s teacher, who is not even from New Hampshire, went out of her way to research what was available to us. Now we do have fast Internet that is affordable. I appreciated her help in the matter. When I first heard about her, I was mad at her. Now she is a friend.

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