How Hard is It to Sell Stuff Like This?

I was thinking about this after I started reading about affiliate marketing. It works like this, there are a lot of blogs out there where you can find articles which present themselves as a review of a product. Take this thing here for example, it is called a selfie stick iphone. It is a pretty simple contraption which is supposed to help you take a better selfie. In essence it is a stick with a holder for your smart phone and a button on the other end. That is apparently connected to the camera on the smart phone, I think by blue tooth. At least that is what would make the most sense in my opinion. At any rate there is probably a market for this thing. I just do not know how big it is and how hard it would be to reach them.

We all know a couple of people who are obsessed with taking selfies and might use some silly gadget like this if it was effective. I know a couple of people who probably use it just to get people to stare at them while they did it. No point in going in to the psychology of all of that, it is not the point. In fact that is just an example. You could focus the blog on almost any subject, but it would need to have a specific focus I believe. I was interested in mobile technology and that is the sort of thing that I was thinking about putting on there. In particular I was thinking that I could find out whether or not people who sell these things would give me stuff that I could review. I doubt that is likely, at least not until you have established that you have a large audience.

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