Monthly Archives: December 2015

I work in a vet’s office, and one of my duties is ordering supplies. When my boss asked me to start looking at new floor scales, it did not take me long to find the company we would end up getting it from. They sell all kinds of scales, including floor scales, jack scales, and even coin counting scales. I was surprised at the variety they have for the veterinary floor scales, and even more surprised at the prices. Since I am the one who ordered the last scale, I knew what a savings we were getting with this new company.

I knew that we needed to have an extra large scale, because the vets here sometimes see small farm animals too. If it is anything like a horse or even a pony, they will go to the farm itself, but they did want a scale that would accommodate something like a llama since we do have clients who prefer to bring them in. I looked at the different scales, and I really liked the 700 pound capacity scale the best. It is large enough for a llama to stand on, but it is also not so large that it would be hard to get a cat or dog on it.

It is a good size at 44 inches long and 22 inches wide, and the steel base is strong and sturdy in case any of the animals on it start to get fidgety, which is entirely possible in this line of work. The display is very easy to control and read. The nice part about it, other than the quality scale itself, is the price. It is normally a 500 dollar scale, and we got it for over 25 percent off the regular price. That price even included shipping to our office!

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